New Twitter Retweet Exchange Service

New Twitter Retweet Exchange Service

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post called the top retweet exchange services and today I wanted to let you know about a brand new site that popped up that has a lot of potential and I think will be very valuable for all bloggers looking to increase the numbers of retweets they receive and obviously increase the amount of traffic back to their blog.

Before I dive into details about the new site, let me provide some first hand insight into my experience with the 5 sites I mentioned in my write up two weeks ago.

Here is a recap of the 5 sites:


My advice would be to check out Just Retweet.  My second choice out of the above list would be Easy Retweet.  Skip the last three, they are filled with spam tweets that link back to crappy spam blogs and sales pages.  Over the past week I have checked those sites and could not even find one tweet that I would feel comfortable sharing with my followers.

The reason that Just Retweet stands on top right now is because the spam is held to a minimum mostly because there are several well known and established bloggers who are power users of the site.  I would like to see more quality bloggers join the site so we can all have a better shot of reaching more people and growing our blogs.

The new site I would like to share is called Social Media Club and it was started a couple of days ago by the famous blogger, Daniel Scocco, of  The site is not as robust or flashy as some of the others and it does not have as many options like the ability to follow and be followed for credits.  The site is very basic and strait forward.  You sign in and provide your twitter handle.  You must have 100 followers to join.  When you are inside the site you will see a list of tweets to send out.  When you send 10 tweets you will be able to publish your own tweet for others to follow.  Daniel is also working on a Facebook like component of the site which I assume will launch in the next week or so.

As I mentioned, the site is brand spanking new but there are already over 100 members and counting.  I think this site has the ability to lead the twitter exchange category due to the fact that it is founded by one of the most known and respected bloggers and will draw in other bloggers to become members.  Hopefully this will keep the quality level high and keep the spam down.  I hope this is the case, although I have already seen a couple of spammy tweets.

In my opinion in order for any of these sites to be take off in a big way, quality has to be paramount.  The tweets set up for publishing should be monitored and only quality should be allowed to go through.



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