Win Cash and Prizes for voting for me

**Read this entire post to find out how you can win cash and prizes for 10 seconds of your time**

Many of you are aware of the contest that is going on right now at The “Famous Blogger’s Club” Blog.  If you are not, basically there 16 blogs that are being voted on for the “best blog” contest.  The top 5 blogs will win prizes.  Here are the top 3 prizes:

Winner gets $50 cash, banner at Zebida ($50 value), review at ($40 value), an ad on FBC ($10 value) and 1 year membersgip to Elegant Themes ($20 value)

Second place winner will get:

Cash: $15 + Free ElegantThemes membership for one year

worth $19.95 + Review at BetterBloggingForBloggers

worth $30 + 125×125 ad ot IBlogZone

worth $30 + 125×125 ad on FBC blog

worth $10, so this is almost $105

worth prizes for the second place winner.

Third place winner will get:

125×125 ad BetterBloggingForBloggers

worth $30 + 125×125 ad MyLifeThinking.

com blog

worth $30 + 125×125 ad on FBC blog

worth $10, and this is $70

worth prizes for the third winner!

Good prizes, right?  The way the contest works, only the 16 bloggers who are entered can win the prizes.  Until now that is.  I am asking for your VOTE and in exchange for your vote, I am willing to offer some cash and prizes.

Here is how it will work.  Click on the link at the end of the post and vote for my blog.  Then write a comment here and tell me that you voted and tell me the number.  If I win 1st, 2nd or 3rd place I will split the prize with you.  I will put each of the voters into and pick a winner.  Now you have a change to participate in this awesome contest.

If I win first place, you will win $25 and a banner ad at the blog of your choice

If I win second place, you will win $7.50 in cash, a free year membership at Elegant Themes and another prize of your choosing from that grouping

If I win third place, you pick what ever prize you want from the grouping.

So, what do you think?  Pretty good idea, huh?


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