6 Ways Blogging Proves Itself an Effective SEO Tool for Businesses

To SEOs and webmasters, it’s no secret that blogs are a great SEO tool in helping a site gain more exposure online. Online businesses, however, may question the benefits of a blog to their business.

Well, for any online business questioning just how powerful a blog is to helping a business stand out from the competition, here are six ways a blog can make your business shine online:  (more…)

How to Improve your Alexa Ranking

I am pretty happy today as this is the first time my blog has cracked the 50,000 mark for an Alexa ranking.  It took me a little over 7 months to reach this milestone.  I beat my goal by 5 months and that makes me happy :-)

I know there is a lot of debate over the value of Alexa ranking.  I believe that it is very important if you are looking to monetize your blog.  It is not the only thing that advertisers look for but it is one of the biggest factors in determining the value for an ad or link on your blog.

The Alexa formula is based on the number of vistors that visit your site and the number of page views.  Of course, only those with the Alexa toolbar count as votes.  It is kind of like the Nielsen ratings are for television.  Sounds pretty simple right, increase the number of visits and the number of pages they view and your Alexa ranking will increase, right? Yes, this is true but there are some other things you can do to boost your Alexa ranking.  Here are some ideas.

    • Install the Alexa toolbar.  If you have not yet installed the toolbar, do it now, it only takes a minute and every time you visit your site you will be helping your Alexa rank.
    • Encourage your blog readers to download the Alexa toolbar.  Just like I did just now! The more regular readers that you have that have the toolbar installed the better your ratings.
    • Attract other webmasters to your blog.  You should try to write blog posts about blogging and other topics that would be interesting to webmasters as these are the people that will be most likely to have the toolbar installed.  Even if you have a mommy blog or personal blog, you can sprinkle in some blogging posts to get the tech savvy visitors to stop by.
    • Become active in webmaster forums.  I am sure you notice a theme now, the more webmasters you get to your blog the better your Alexa ranking.  Join forums like Digital Point and Bloggeries and be sure to include your blog link in your signature.  These sites also allow you to add an rss feed to your profile that will display your latest feed.

What do you do to improve your Alexa ranking?