bringing some happiness to Tycoon Blogger

I have a smile on my face as I am writing this post because the “hostess of happiness” has agreed to be a featured writer and weekly contributor here on Tycoon Blogger.  I am sure some of you know who I am referring to, but for those that do not, I am alluding to El Edwards who runs an awesome happiness blog over at Heaven and El

 I urge you to head over and spend some time on her site, she has a beatifuly designed blog and a unique and refreshing writing style.  I guarantee that you will enjoy her content as it is a nice break from tech and blogging tips blogs,  El blogs from the heart and the passion she has for writing and entertaining her readers shines through on every post.  Aside from being a great blogger, El is also a great person.  She is the co-founder and writer on the Give a Brick charity website. 

I am super excited and eager to read El’s take on blogging for business (or charity, in her case), social networking and inspiration.  I think her posts will add another dimension to this blog and I see this as a major step forward for  Please join me in welcoming El and stop by her blog and say hello to her at her “home” as well.

Why I am expanding my blogging niche beyond blogging

Most blogging gurus will tell you that the only way to be a successful blogger and to make money blogging is to have a well defined niche.  They will suggest that you should really narrow in and get ultra- focused.  That may be a good strategy for some blogs like ProBlogger and DailyBlogTips but I have decided to buck the trend.  Over the past 18 months or so I have zeroed in on a pretty focused niche; finding myself in the Blogs about Blogging category.  I love the blogging tips niche and I love the bloggers that are a part of the blogging tips community but I have decided it is time to broaden my scope and expand the topics that I will focus on.

The mission of this blog is evolving from:

Blogging Tips on How to Promote Your Blog and Make Money Blogging


“Helping Small Businesses leverage social media to grow their business and their brand.”

Of course, a major component of this includes blogging, so I will still be writing a lot on the topic.  In addition to blogging and social networking, I will focus in on entrepreneurialism, marketing and branding, and other methods of  increasing revenue. I am also devoting a category that will include business reviews (both sponsored and not sponsored).

Why I am expanding my blogging niche?

There is not one specific reason but more of a combination of reasons that have lead me to this decision, including:

  • Expand Audience – One of the factors is that I feel I will be able to grow my audience and my brand if I am able to move beyond the blogging niche.
  • Establish and Expand my Business- By catering to small business types, I will be able to directly target the end user that I am selling to.  I am working on a new sales page that will introduce my service offerings to small business owners.
  • Keep things Exciting- This one is for me.  Sometimes the blogging tips niche seems like an echo chamber, everyone saying the same things over and over again. I really want the opportunity to explore other topics.
  • Had success using this model in the past – I have actually done this before on my career blog.  When I started, I was focusing on a very narrow topic of resume writing.  I really saw my blog traffic and community take off when I broadened the focus to include general career advice and tips.

Let me close by reiterating that I am thankful for the awesome blogging friends that I have met in the blogging tips niche.  I will continue to be a part of this community, I will just be adding additional content to this blog along the way.

What do you think of this plan?  I am interested in hearing about your stories about either expanding or narrowing the focus of your blog..Please share in the comments section.

Article Zoom Review

Most bloggers and webmasters know that link building is a crucial element for SEO. A great way to build high quality links is through article marketing. Every time I start a new site or blog, I kick start my promotion and link building campaign by submitting targeted articles to high quality blog directories. I wanted to bring a relatively new article directory to your attention called Article Zoom. Article Zoom is a general article directory that has some unique factors that set it apart from other article directories out there. For one, the site is built on wordpress, whick makes it very easy to submit your article and navigate the site. The directory also has some unique features like a duplicate content checker, seo friendly images, and a ping optimizer. Article Zoom admits that they are not reinventing the wheel here, they are simply trying to make it easy for publishers, readers and moderators to get the most of their article directory.

Oh, I almost forgot, all article are promoted via twitter. If you are looking for an additional resource to help you promote your blog and build links, here are the submission guidelines for you to take a look at.

Google PR update for the New Year

Happy New Years to everyone around the world!

Some bloggers take time off from writing content and blog promotion on New Years Eve and some folks may have missed the fact that Google updated the page ranks today.  I almost missed it myself as I have not been online much promoting my blog today.

I have been very consistent in building backlinks and posting regular content but the big G was not feeling the Tycoon Blogger this time around as I got bumped from a pr3 to a pr 2.  I find this very strange as it is not like I have been slacking off over here.  This also comes at a time when my Google traffic has been growing steadily and I am ranking high for competitive keyword phrases like twitter follower tools and promote your blog.  Oh well, I will keep doing my thing and see what happens next time.  I know a lot of bloggers do not care about page rank, but I do still think it is important as advertisers still think it is important.

I wish I knew what Google formula was based on because I can not make any sense out of it.  For example, this blog has over 1,500 backlinks.  I have a static site called Your Sales Resume that I have never updated and it only has 37 backlinks and that just got a PR 4.  What the F is up with that logic?

Anyways, I am a little pissed but I am not going to let it ruin my night.

I hope you had better luck this update that I did.  Drop me a comment and let me know how Google treated you.

Merry Christmas from Tycoon Blogger

If you stopped by for blogging tips on how to promote your blog and make money blogging, I am sorry to disappoint. Just wanted to put a quick post and wish all my blogging friends around the world a Merry Christmas. I hope you are having a great one…I know I am!

If you are really need a blogging tips fix today, I am sure you can find some good posts in my

Best of Blog Posts Series

if you want to read about what my son thought about christmas and the gifts that he received, he just finished his blog post…

My Christmas Day presents - Blogging Boy

Wishing you the best,


Blogging for a cause – Fight SMA

Instead of blogging tips and twitter tips, I will be blogging about something much more important.  Today I am blogging for a cause, and the cause is SMA (Spinal Muscular Atrophy) which is a serious neuromuscular disease.  Like most people, I never heard of this disease until it affected a very close lifelong friend of my wife.

Here’s her story :

Sweet Baby Zane from Clair Pruett on Vimeo.

Many people were moved by the story including Christoper Finlan.  Christopher has written a novel (his first) which sheds some light on this terrible an under reported disease.  I asked Christopher to write a post for me to publish and talk about how this book came to be.  Here are his words…

First off, I’d suggest you read about Zane, Hillary, Keith and Avery in Hillary’s foreword, since that’s the biggest reason any of this happened.  Spinal Muscular Atrophy is an incredibly underreported condition that children suffer with, and should be given the attention it deserves by the mainstream media.  Their story is one that everyone should read, regardless of what you think of the rest of the book.

I do want people to understand going in, the story itself is fiction.  It’s a mystery and a love story and a comedy, and just “happens” to have SMA as part of the plot.  It’s meant to be a fun read and something anyone can enjoy, so people who happen upon it for any other reason get to learn a little more about this terrible disease without even realizing it.  So how did this book come about?

In late May/early June, I was diagnosed with ADD.  In fact, the doctor’s exact words were, “You have one of the worst cases of ADD I’ve ever seen.  I’m surprised you’re not living under a bridge or something.”  Little did he know my wife and I had made an offer on a place under a bridge, but whatever.  So when I was I diagnosed with that, I was prescribed medication for it.  It was like I was a whole new person.  No, I didn’t get hair or chiseled abs, but the change was dramatic.  My wife was stunned at the difference, and still is.  A book I read described it as getting “glasses” for your brain, or like stumbling around in a semi-lit room your whole life and then someone clicks the light on for you.

Once that happened, a few other things came together.  I’d already had this idea for the book, and to be honest, the disease wasn’t SMA when I first had the idea (since I’d never heard of it until Zane).  However, as mentioned on the website, once Zane died, I was discussing her death with some friends, and we ended up discussing the book idea I had in the context of just being a parent and what you go through.  Well, since the reaction to the idea in the prologue was so positive, I started on it the next day.

The first person I actually told when I got started was Heather.  I’d never done this before, and I didn’t want it to be a trainwreck.  In fact, if at any point she’d told me “This is a trainwreck.”, I would have stopped and not published it.  It wouldn’t make sense to try and raise money for SMA with a bad book, since no one’s buying a bad book once my mom stops buying copies.  Anyway, Heather would send me e-mails of encouragement each day so I’d keep at it, and since I thought it was going well, I told Hillary about it.  My intention was not to tell Hillary about it until I was done, and then let her know, but having ADD, you’re impatient, and I told her about two weeks or so into it.

I went back and found the original e-mail I wrote to Hillary, in which I wrote the following – “If you are interested and only if you are interested, I would be honored if you would allow me to have a small dedication to Zane either you write or I do before the story begins, or if you’d like to write a preface to be included.  I would not only be happy to include it, but truly privileged to do so.  Now, you may not want Zane’s name anywhere near this after you read it, and that’s entirely up to you.”

Hillary was very gracious and very excited (and apparently still was after she read it), so I sent her and Heather the manuscript when I finished it in late July.  The other person I sent the manuscript to was Sarah McMaster.  Why Sarah?  Well, when you write a book, or at least when I did, you “cast” people in the various parts.  All along, the person I cast as “Sarah Knox” was Sarah McMaster.  Who did I cast as Jim in my head?  I’m not telling for now, but perhaps the fact a Sarah in the book is being played by a Sarah would give you a hint, and hopefully not scare you off at the frightening lack of creativity I showed in handing out names.  Regardless, I wanted to have her involved somehow and possibly do the audio version, since I thought it was important to have that as an option for people to buy to raise more money.  She was very gracious and agreed to help out however she could.

Now while Hillary’s foreword is much the same as what she first wrote, that can’t be said about the rest of the book, as it’s undergone six full reviews with the editor, and I’d guess around fifteen to twenty percent of what you’re reading is from that first draft.  The characters are still there, and certain scenes are from that first draft, but the vast majority of this came after what they all read.  That being said, Heather was so positive about the first draft for someone who hadn’t done this before, suddenly it didn’t seem crazy that this could really make a difference, and that’s what all of us are so grateful to you for.

I’m happy to announce we’ve already raised over $1000 for FSMA just in donations from pre-orders, and that’s for a book from an author who no one had ever heard of on Monday.  Thank you so much, and keep doing what you’re doing.  You’ve made a difference already, and I thank you, Hillary thanks you, the entire team thanks you.

Thanks Tycoon!

Christopher Finlan

Thank you Christopher, I am happy that I can help spread the word.  Please visit Christophers’ website , Not a Fire Exit to learn more about the book and SMA.  A portion of the proceeds will be going directly to help fight SMA.  You can also help the cause by joining the Facebook fan page, click here to join.  We are looking for 200 more fans before the end of today.

Please also consider sending out a tweet to your followers for this good cause.