Where do you get off calling yourself the “tycoon blogger?”

This is the first post on my new blog.  I have been thinking all night about a creative idea for a title but this was the best I could come up.  I had a long day and my brain is fried right now, so cut me some slack.

Please read my “about” page to learn about me and see where I am coming from.  The bottom line is that I have always been an entrepreneur and I run a successful “offline” business .  I have recently turned my attention to making money online and this blog with chronicle my adventures.  I started blogging a couple of years ago and now run several blogs, including a popular Career Advice Blog .    My goal is simple, I want to have fun, make friends and make MONEY.  Yes, I said it…Make Money!  I know a lot of bloggers are afraid to actually admit that as one of their goals.  Hey, I am a business man not a social worker.

What you can expect from this Blog

I will be my best to provide relevant and helpful information on a variety of topics related to growing a business, both online and offline.  Of course, I believe blogging and social networking play a huge part in that, so yes…I will be blogging about blogging and social media as well.

Wish me well!