Top 10 Blog Designs

Top 10 Blog Designs

Each week I visit hundreds of blogs, some are good some are bad and most are somewhere in between.  The same is true of the blog designs.  There are some really awesome blog designs and there are some awful blog designs but most are in the middle.  In this post, I want to highlight the top 10 blog designs that I have come across in my travels.  Remember, this is my opinion and is based on what I think is cool.  If you have a different opinion or would like to add a blog to the list, please leave me a comment.

Here we go:

  1. Extreme John
  2. Serradinho
  3. Blogsessive
  4. Blogussion
  5. Kikolani
  6. Impnerd
  7. Blogs with Wings
  8. Thou Shall Blog
  9. Blog Bloke
  10. Copy Blogger

What do you think about this list?  What blogs did I miss?

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