Promote your blog to new readers

Promote your blog to new readers

I am thrilled with the daily readers I have here on Tycoon Blogger.  The regular readers are the lifeblood on any thriving blog community.  I have been thinking of how I can crack the 300 visitors per day mark that seems to be the pattern of my blog lately.  The conclusion that I came to is that I need to promote my blog to new readers.  I have devised a plan that will target 3 areas that I hope will result in increased readers to my blog.  I will be tracking this throughout August and will provide the results at the end of the month.

Here are the three areas that I will be focused on.

  1. Social Media- I wrote a post last week about why I stopped using Digg to promote my blog.  For the upcoming month I will be promoting my blog via Mixx, Blog Engage, and Twittley.
  2. Guest Posting- I will be looking to do at least one guest post per week on blogs that are outside of the normal circles that I congregate in.  Here is a blog post about the benefits of guest blogging.
  3. Advertising- This is the area that I will be most aggressively pursuing this coming month.  I am also looking for other blogs that I can advertise on.  I have sold several ad slots this month and I am going to take that money and invest it back into my blog.  I am also looking into other advertising venues, possibly Facebook.

What are you doing to promote your blog to new readers?

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