Can’t keep up? 5 ways to simplify the crazy and come out the other side smiling

Can’t keep up? 5 ways to simplify the crazy and come out the other side smiling

It started tickling its way onto my radar about 6 weeks ago. First a writer friend started teasing his audience then Twitter began to ring with the sound of NaNoWriMo hash tags. With a fireworks party to organise and a community centre to build, not to mention three children and a business to run, I shoved it all out of my brain. I really couldn’t add more stuff to my day. Could I?


I announced it all to Twitter and suddenly I’m staring into the face of a mental month of writing and creating and allowing my brain to play with all those ideas as it percolates them and spews a book out the other end.

With just seven days left until I start, I got to thinking about you and all the bonkers, awesome stuff you’re attempting to do. I don’t advocate living a life of stress and constant ‘on the edge’ ness but we both know that there are times when things get a little crazy.

What we both need are some ways to simplify the crazy and come out the other side smiling. Here’s what I came up with.

Plan for the bonkers

Sometimes stuff just gets thrown at you without any warning at all. When that happens, skip on down to number two. Otherwise, read on because you can make it easier on your yourself. How you plan for the bonkers will vary according to what it is your bonkers looks like. However, if you know you’re got an extra silly busy time about to begin, start preparing right now.

What other things can you cut back on? Can you delegate some tasks to others? Which regular commitments can be put on hold during this crazy time? Do you really need to sleep?! (Kidding. Sleep is very important, regardless of how crazy your world gets.)

Remember why you’re doing it

Keeping your focus on the why can help you keep on track. It’s also great for those times when it all feels too much and you want to quit. Quit? Who said anything about quitting? Yeah, I know. You’re a super motivated bunny who has absolutely no intention of quiting. That’s awesome! Just do me a favour? Store this one somewhere in the darkest, deepest recesses of your mind. You’ll need it some day, we all do.

Giving yourself enough awesome reasons for doing the things you do will be invaluable for the dark days when it feels like the whole world and its elephant herd have taken up residence in your tummy.

Find the fun

One of my least favourite household tasks is cleaning the bathroom. How do I keep it fun? Simple. I pretend I’m Cinderella, don my cleaning cloth and suddenly I’m a fairytale Princess. Result.

I’m a massive advocate for doing what you love. I built my whole business around helping others find and use their thing to buy the essentials in life like bread and milk and chocolate. But even then, there are going to be a few little things you must do that aren’t really top of your happy list. I dare you to find the fun in these things, especially during the crazy times, and you’ll come out the other side smiling.

Find a friend

No man is an island but if I were an island, I’d have to be Ibiza. Not because I’m some disco crazy, booze filled wannabe but because where-ever you go on Ibiza, you can always find a friend.

This is no less important when you’re finding things a little frantic. Don’t keep it all tangled up inside your head. Find a friend, a trusted confidant and speak a little of how you’re feeling. Such honesty and openness can be scary but it makes for a much healthier coping mechanism and who knows, you might even enjoy it!

Celebrate the small stuff

I love parties! Are you surprised? But the problem with parties is you can spend so long looking forward to them, by the time the occasion rolls round, it’s over before you even got a chance to relax and enjoy it. The trick, as any self-respecting party girl will tell you, is in enjoying the preparation. Lovely deep bubble bath, hair, makeup, perfume, and a lovely sparkly glass of fizz.

The same is true with your stuff. Instead of working toward some big, all-or-nothing event, start enjoying the journey, and better than that, have a glass of metaphorical fizz along the way – celebrate the small stuff. Finished the first section of some scary, daunting thing? Fabulous! Give yourself a pat on the back. Earned the first 10% of your massive year long goal? Nice one! Have a cuppa tea. Start celebrating the small stuff and it will make the big parties last longer.

So there you have it, my personal 5 point plan for surviving the bonkers.

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