5 Tips to Keep Your Blog Running While You Are Traveling

5 Tips to Keep Your Blog Running While You Are Traveling

Everyone needs a vacation from time to time. Still others are just avid travelers who like to get out there as often as possible to see what is around them. But when you run a blog, this can be a bit of a problem. Mainly because it takes a lot of dedication to getting a blog off the ground, and a lack of updates can spell the death of even the most successful websites.

That doesn’t mean you have no options. Thanks to the more modern advances to mobile technology, and the wide availability of the Internet, there are several things you can do to keep up while on the go.

1. Use Your Mobile Device

Everyone has a mobile device these days, and if you don’t you should. Every blogger needs to be able to write from anywhere, and this is a very convenient way to do it. Tablets are best, and you can get a simple one for a very cheap price. Or, you can just use your smartphone, though this will take longer.

2. Take A Travel Laptop

Of course, if you have a laptop, that is best. I know a lot of people don’t like taking their expensive laptops on trips. Theft or the risk of breaking are too real a problem. So it helps to have a small netbook or notebook on hand that you just use when traveling. Something that works, but didn’t cost that much money. It is so easy to find free wifi these days. You can just slip into a Starbucks and write up a post from anywhere.

3. Get a Guest Poster

You don’t have to write while traveling at all, if you don’t want to. One easy way to handle this problem is by getting a quest poster. While some will want pay, you can usually find someone willing to guest post for nothing but credit for what they write. This is a great way of both keeping your blog full of content, and taking advantage of a new tone for your site. You can even set up several, so you get a wide variety while you are gone. Then enjoy the benefits of a new reader base when you get home.

4. Write Ahead Of Time

Unable to get a guest writer, or are you just worried about letting someone else have access to your site? Nothing to worry about, you can just write ahead of time. Get organized and prioritize! All blogs have a post schedule tool that lets you set the date and time of each release. You can just write extra posts, and then schedule them to be released while you are gone. This won’t let you take care of comments, but you will at least have fresh content.

5. Find A Net Cafe

I have this as the last tip for a reason: it is the worse, and really only a last resort. It is so difficult finding the time and concentration to work on a post in an Internet cafe. They tend to be busy, with people hovering waiting for a turn. Plus, you have to prepay for time. It is difficult to focus with that kind of strict timeclock. More than one person has found themselves cut off without finishing a post. It is very frustrating. But, if you are desperate it can be an option.


When you’re traveling, the last thing you want to do is stress about your blog. You can keep up with things, whether through your own content or someone else’s, using these five simple tips. Whether you write while on the road, or you delegate it to another writer, you can relax and enjoy your trip.


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