5 things Adam Lambert could teach you about blogging

Adam Lambert and Blog in the same sentence may seem a bit odd, especially here on a blog about making money blogging.  Stay with me on this one as I will attempt to draw some parallels between Adam Lambert and what you can learn from him to become a better blogger.

First off, if you do not know who Adam Lambert is you are probably either 70 years old or older or do not own a TV.  Last night Adam Lambert performed on the AMA’s and everyone is talking about it.  If you were on Twitter today, you know that he is one of the top 10 trending terms.

Here they are, 5 things Adam Lambert could teach you about blogging:

  1. Promotion is key.  There is an age old debate in blogging, what is more important…Content or Promotion?  I think we can all agree that they are both essential ingredients but Adam Lambert proves that promotion is more important.  Did you hear him perform?  He did not sound good at all, he was clearly not as concerned with his music (content) as he has with the bigger picture.
  2. Be yourself. A big part of the reason why Adam is popular is because he is unique.  He has been described as a cross between Kiss, Queen and Liza Manelli, but he clearly is in a class all his own.  As bloggers we can learn a big lesson about authenticity.  I see a lot of bloggers trying to emulate someone else.  Originality sells.
  3. Packaging – Did you see any of the pictures from yesterday’s event?  Take a look at this shiny get up and the hair, makeup.  How much time and effort have you spent on your blog design?  Are you using a free template that looks like every other blog out there.  Design matters, the packaging of your blog makes a big difference and will help you stand out from the crowd.Controversy Sells - Last night Adam did everything you can imagine to try to shock and awe an audience that has seen it all.  He treated his dancers like dogs, grabbed his crotch as if he was Michael Jackson, shoved a man’s face into his crotch and gyrated several times and then finished it off by kissing a dude.  Now I ask you this, do you think anyone would be talking about this if no of that happened.  I highly doubt he would be the fastest trending Twitter topic if he just went out there and sang his stupid song.  I am not saying you go out and kiss another guy but you can draw a lot of eyeballs to your blog if you post some controversial stuff.
  4. Be Entertaining.  Whether you like Adam or hate him, it is hard to deny that he is entertaining.  It is like a train wreck, you just can’t look away.  I thought he sucked last night but I was entertained none the less.

So what do you think, any lessons learned, or do you think I lost my mind?  Let me know..

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