10 More easy blog post ideas

One of the challenges many bloggers face is coming up with fresh content on a regular basis.  I have several blogs in my stable and try to post at least one post per day.  Some days are easier than others and there have been quite a few days where it took me longer to think about what to write than to actually write the post.

A while back, I wrote a post entitled 10 easy blog post ideas and based on the comments it seemed to be a valuable post and helped other bloggers.  I wanted to write a follow up post and share some additional ideas for blog posts.  An additional bonus is the fact that the ideas I am going to list are all super easy and should take no more than 15 minutes to create.

Easy Blog Post Ideas

  • New Blogs you discovered – As bloggers we are always cruising the blogosphere and checking out different blogs in our niche.  Why not write a post and introduce your readers to another blogger and link to the other blog and write some thoughts on why they should check it out.  Bonus – This is a great way to break the ice and meet new blogging friends .
  • Best of Posts – I love reading and writing best of posts.  This is a great way to highlight your posts and it is very easy to create especially if you use a plugin to help with your round up posts.
  • Ask a question – Another easy idea is to ask your readers a question, you can throw in a poll too.  In my last post, I asked what makes a someone an expert blogger . This sparked a great debate in the comment section and drew a lot of traffic to my blog as well.
  • Expand on comment – One of the greatest things about blogs is the content that comes after the post in the comment section, why not take advantage of that and find a comment to expand upon and write a post about it.
  • Video Post – This is an area I need to dive into deeper as I have only done a couple so far.  Why not just turn on your camera or web cam and talk about you topic for 5 minutes or so.  Another twist on this idea is to find a video that someone else has made that would interest your readers and pop it on your site with a couple of sentences introducing it.
  • Cool Web Discovery – This could be a post about a new twitter follower tool or anything else you think would interest your readers.
  • Archived Post – Your old posts are a treasure trove of blog post ideas.  Take a look at your older posts and see what you can add.
  • Rants – These are post where you spout off about something that annoys you.  It will feel good to get it off your chest and chances are if it bugs you, some of your readers may feel the same way.
  • Check your google analytics for idea- google analytics will let you know what keywords are drawing people to your site.  It is a great idea to continue to write posts about those topics and this will also help you build up your authority.
  • Yahoo Answers – Do a quick search for questions that match your niche.  As an expert in your niche you should write a post about it and answer the questions on your blog.  Again, this will go a long way in building up your authority.

There you have it, 10 more fast and easy blog post ideas.


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