Why Your Small Business Needs a Mission Statement

Your mission statement doesn’t have to be anything super sophisticated, it just needs to be simple, and easy for people to understand. Like in most cases, the simpler, the better… to give you an idea of how simple your businesses mission statement can be, reference the mission statements (below) of three of the most recognized brands in the world. (more…)

Top Ten Tips for High Converting Web Form Design

When it comes to e commerce sites, few things are as important as web forms. They are often the very last step in converting an interested visitor into a paying customer. They are therefore not something that you want to get wrong from a design standpoint. A poorly designed web form can easily end up costing you conversions and with them, profits. (more…)

10 Tips on Designing a WordPress Theme

The idea of the post jumped into my mind after having watched a video by Drew Strojny on WordPress.tv. The video is called “How not to design a default theme”. So, I’ve decided that it’s a good idea to collect all his tips into one article and add what I think about it as a newbie in designing WordPress themes. In other words this article should be interesting for those of you who’s going to start seriously designing for WordPress.  (more…)

Why Content Is Not Just a King But a True SEO Overlord

If you’ve ever dipped your toes into the digital marketing pool then chances are you’ve come across the meme term ‘content is king’. It’s a fitting expression used to highlight the importance of content for search engine optimisation (SEO) and the success of your website. (more…)

Blogging for Conversions : A How-To

If you own a blog, you know important it is to bring traffic to your website. However, bring in traffic is only half the battle. After you have the audience, it is important to encourage the audience to purchase something from your site, to sign up for your mailing list or to otherwise help you to earn profits. If you learn how to blog correctly, you will be able to turn over far more conversions, which can help you to make a lot more money in the long run. (more…)